Ivan Golubic
I am an

expert in


I have a lot of experience in web applications development using PHP and Laravel framework. I gained my experience by working on various web applications and backend systems


Even a simple application will require some kind of data storage. I gained my experience by designing relational databases for various projects


Flutter is a pretty new framework but full of potential. Even since its beta releases I’ve been working on some cross platform mobile applications to become familiar with Dart and future of mobile app development

I am also

good as


Through years I’ve gained my experience by making mistakes. During the college I was the one who was explaining how to solve a problem 5 minutes before the exam to my colleagues (they always got the higher grade than me)


I have a lot of experience in public speaking, presentation and experience sharing. I was a participant at two highly intensive Bootcamp programmes in Croatia and Czech Republic


I’ve finished my bachelor degree in Mechatronics engineering at University of Applied sciences in Zagreb, and I know what thinking out of the box means

My other

interests are

Product development




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