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PODIM conference

Amazing 3 days in Maribor, Slovenia at PODIM conference. I had an opportunity to talk with potential partners, distributors, and investors about our IoT development platform – IoTaaP. In the following weeks, we will close some deals, and this is a great intro to the official product launch! #amazing #deals #great #distributors

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We have developed a robust and secure IoT development platform. Official product launch is planned in the following months, and we are looking for partners and distributors. I will be at PODIM conference in Maribor from 20th to 22nd of May, so feel free to reach me anytime for any questions!

mepigu task management

Mepigu released

Meet Mepigu Mepigu is your virtual friend. Mepigu will support you in your daily struggles, help you to achieve your goals and remind you about deadlines. Mepigu is designed to help manage software and hardware businesses effectively. Many task management apps add features but with that they add clutter. We remove that. What is really important? To know what you do, who does it, at what stage is each task,

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Business in Norway (Oslo)

From one side Oslo is recognized as a cultural city, and this is probably the reason why there are a lot of tourists. I will write about Oslo from a tourist aspect in another article, now I’ll focus on business. Norway Norway is a well-known leader in industries like energy, technology, communication and maritime, and with around 4.5 million people, it’s a pretty important member of the global economy. A

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Visiting Oslo

Last week I went to Oslo as we got selected in the Top 20 startups of Nordic Angel Program (NAP), a program supported by Business Angels Norway. During my stay, I had a meeting with Croatian ambassador to Norway Mr. Hrvoje Marusic. We had a really great discussion about Croatian startups, overall ecosystem, and investment possibilities. We’ve noticed a huge opportunity for Croatian startups in reaching Norwegian investors. Oslo is

Solid 23 #birthday

Once upon a time, somewhere in 1996, in Zagreb. I’ve been through a lot since then … Falling down, and raising up. I took a hammer in my hands for the first time when I was 3 years old and that didn’t end well. I was always interested in “What’s inside? ” for most of the things, television, radio, the favorite train, a car, and that’s why I don’t have

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Croat in the world of startup(s)

Existence of the startup system We all know that well-formed term ‘Startup ecosystem’, but how often this ‘system’ is actually a ‘system’? Around two years ago I’ve started my first company here in Croatia “Mobile Vehicle Technology” (known as MVT Solutions), the idea of MVT was to create unique research and development agency that will generate new startups. We started pretty well, by winning one (and only, at that time)

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Hummingbird – revolution in cross platform application development

Flutter You probably have heard about Flutter, cross-platform development framework. With Flutter you are able to craft high-quality native experience for both Android and iOS. Even in my company we are using Flutter for new product development (more info soon). I really believe in successful story of this Google product. Flutter is pretty responsive framework with really good written documentation, and huge community. Framework seems to be pretty stable since

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Future of movies with new technologies like Netflix

Standard movies How many times you wanted to change the movie ending? Or, how many times your favourite character got killed? Standard movies have zero interaction with people. Of course you can include 4D technology where you can smell parfumes or feel the crime scene, but still, there is no interaction with the viewer. Games of my childhood During my childhood, like every other boy, I liked to play computer

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Zagreb Connect 2018

“Zagreb Connect is a startup conference that aims to help young entrepreneurs develop their business ideas, advance Zagreb’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and create more favorable conditions for startups based in Zagreb and beyond.” – official website quote As the intro says, Zagreb Connect is a startup conference, I would say that this is the biggest conference that we have here in Zagreb. We were there to support new generation of Startup