Behind the scenes

It takes a lot for a good photo. We spent a few hours with our friends from Studio Sedam creating amazing photos for our IoTaaP website and other materials. It was a really nice experience to learn how to express emotions through photos and how to transfer the message to the final audience.


IoTaaP is available for Pre-Order

Technology continues to change at a breakneck pace, but in the midst of all the most stunning advances, the dreamers among us still see endless potential. There are perhaps no areas where such potential is clearer than the Internet of Things, which promotes upend our lives completely, setting civilization on a course for a brighter future – one that resembles more closely than ever the future that science fiction writers

mvt podim


We have developed a robust and secure IoT development platform. Official product launch is planned in the following months, and we are looking for partners and distributors. I will be at PODIM conference in Maribor from 20th to 22nd of May, so feel free to reach me anytime for any questions!

mepigu task management

Mepigu released

Meet Mepigu Mepigu is your virtual friend. Mepigu will support you in your daily struggles, help you to achieve your goals and remind you about deadlines. Mepigu is designed to help manage software and hardware businesses effectively. Many task management apps add features but with that they add clutter. We remove that. What is really important? To know what you do, who does it, at what stage is each task,

think big

Business in Norway (Oslo)

From one side Oslo is recognized as a cultural city, and this is probably the reason why there are a lot of tourists. I will write about Oslo from a tourist aspect in another article, now I’ll focus on business. Norway Norway is a well-known leader in industries like energy, technology, communication and maritime, and with around 4.5 million people, it’s a pretty important member of the global economy. A

oslo international hub ivan golubic

Visiting Oslo

Last week I went to Oslo as we got selected in the Top 20 startups of Nordic Angel Program (NAP), a program supported by Business Angels Norway. During my stay, I had a meeting with Croatian ambassador to Norway Mr. Hrvoje Marusic. We had a really great discussion about Croatian startups, overall ecosystem, and investment possibilities. We’ve noticed a huge opportunity for Croatian startups in reaching Norwegian investors. Oslo is

Ivan Golubic croatia startup

Croat in the world of startup(s)

Existence of the startup system We all know that well-formed term ‘Startup ecosystem’, but how often this ‘system’ is actually a ‘system’? Around two years ago I’ve started my first company here in Croatia “Mobile Vehicle Technology” (known as MVT Solutions), the idea of MVT was to create unique research and development agency that will generate new startups. We started pretty well, by winning one (and only, at that time)

best iot startup

MVT Solutions is the Best IOT Startup

Thanks to our newest product – IoTaaP– advanced hardware and software IoT platform, MVT Solutions is announced as the best national IoT startup. Our next stop is Regional Grand Finale so see you there and thanks to everyone!   IoTaaP is advanced IoT platform that combines hardware and software which enables you to setup your IoT products workflow in just a few clicks (or slides)

luka ivan beban golubic dubai

Presenting our technology

Me and my partner Luka, also founder of Mobile Vehicle Technology are currently in UAE presenting our most advanced technology such as FLOW System, VOS and Grunner Bikes to the Middle East companies and enterprises. Technology will be presented in cooperation with our partner Arabco Smart Technology from Dubai.

Startup factory zagreb

Winners at SFZGB2017

An amazing award for the end of this year! With our new project FLOW-traffic system, we entered Startup Factory Zagreb and became one of the winners! People from our team have created an unprecedented way of controlling the traffic lights and optimizing the traffic and for this were fairly rewarded. Congratulations to other finalists and those who participated in this program! It was 10 weeks of exciting lectures and workshops!