covid19 alogrithm ventilator

COVID19 Ventilators Update, AKA What we have learned

First, I want to say that a really large number of people contacted us with loads of feedback. Communication with various doctors, as well as engineers, made it possible to quickly review and find the right solution. So it’s undeniable how the mechanical part works, and a bunch of other “DIY” projects around the world confirm this. However, as we are working on a device that should go into wide

covid19 ventilators

COVID19 Ventilators

We are completing the first prototype of a mechanical ventilator that can be manufactured quickly. The entire control module is based on IotaaP. We are in the final phase of testing the working algorithm before creating a production version of the controller, based on IoTaaP. For development purposes, we also open-sourced the basic scheme of IoTaaP Magnolia board. It should be implemented within the next two weeks! WHO CAN AND


Behind the scenes

It takes a lot for a good photo. We spent a few hours with our friends from Studio Sedam creating amazing photos for our IoTaaP website and other materials. It was a really nice experience to learn how to express emotions through photos and how to transfer the message to the final audience.

Solid 23 #birthday

Once upon a time, somewhere in 1996, in Zagreb. I’ve been through a lot since then … Falling down, and raising up. I took a hammer in my hands for the first time when I was 3 years old and that didn’t end well. I was always interested in “What’s inside? ” for most of the things, television, radio, the favorite train, a car, and that’s why I don’t have