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Future of movies with new technologies like Netflix

Standard movies How many times you wanted to change the movie ending? Or, how many times your favourite character got killed? Standard movies have zero interaction with people. Of course you can include 4D technology where you can smell parfumes or feel the crime scene, but still, there is no interaction with the viewer. Games of my childhood During my childhood, like every other boy, I liked to play computer



Yesterday I was a participant of a conference organised by Croatian Chamber of Economy. I had a great privilege to speak about innovations and design in front of Croatian State secretary, entrepreneurs and other participants. Innovations are really small piece of the puzzle without commercialisation and we should invest a lot in future commercialisation of new products and technologies.


Machine learning and data processing

Machine learning, neural networks and AI are the future of data processing. Grunner bike is special because it is actually advanced system for getting data from the world. Based on that data we are able to predict accidents, motor failures, optimize power consumption and provide safe environment for everyday commuters. My cloud system is able to create advanced data processing algorithms, data categorization and much more. Almost every decision that

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Presenting our technology

Me and my partner Luka, also founder of Mobile Vehicle Technology are currently in UAE presenting our most advanced technology such as FLOW System, VOS and Grunner Bikes to the Middle East companies and enterprises. Technology will be presented in cooperation with our partner Arabco Smart Technology from Dubai.