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Last week I went to Oslo as we got selected in the Top 20 startups of Nordic Angel Program (NAP), a program supported by Business Angels Norway.

During my stay, I had a meeting with Croatian ambassador to Norway Mr. Hrvoje Marusic. We had a really great discussion about Croatian startups, overall ecosystem, and investment possibilities. We’ve noticed a huge opportunity for Croatian startups in reaching Norwegian investors. Oslo is filled with private investors, business angels, and VC funds. Most of the startups get funded by some kind of seed investment, or angel investment while we still have to do bootstrapping. We decided to cooperate more closely in order to connect the Croatian startup scene with Nordic angels.

hrvoje marusic norway

I’ve also visited Oslo International Hub and I got to say, this is the place to be!
There are many HUB’s in Norway and Oslo in particular because many startups and solo entrepreneurs are moving to Norway in order to expand their businesses. There are around 60 startups in the Oslo International Hub and they are working on various business ideas in cooperation with local entrepreneurs.

oslo international hub

I had a really great time presenting our IoT development platform there and talking with local startup founders and investors.
They were particularly interested in our first production series of 30 modules that are already in production and will be delivered to our representatives in the upcoming months.

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